Carla D. Bass, author of award-winning book "Write to Influence!" Presents Her Workshop to Leadership Loudoun's Signature Program

Feedback from this 2-hour workshop was amazing! The event concluded with an impromptu, enthusiastic book signing!

“In a two hour workshop Carla added thousands of dollars to the bottom-line of organizations in Loudoun County. By using the techniques she taught, public and private sector leaders who participated in this workshop can write to win. “

“This workshop completely dismantled everything I thought I knew about professional writing. She taught me to appreciate the power and the value of my words and I have decided to no longer waste them.”

I have long held that powerful writing is fundamental to good leadership. Therefore, I was delighted to present my workshop “Powerful Writing for Professionals” as part of Leadership Loudoun’s innovative Signature Program. This annual professional development program is designed for established or emerging leaders in corporations; small or entrepreneurial businesses; and civic, community, or non-profit organizations in Loudoun County. Exuberant, intelligent, and motivated describe the 30+ participants. Interaction throughout my participatory workshop was dynamic. We hunted wasted words, saw precisely how detail makes a message pop, and explored:

  • Principles, strategies, and Word Sculpting tools to write powerfully
  • Techniques to compose email that really communicate
  • Pesky commas and how to demystify them!

I thank the Leadership Loudoun NGO for this opportunity and applaud the dedication of those who make possible this 9-month program that promotes knowledge, skills, diversity, and interpersonal networking to benefit their entire county.

Wishing you great success in 2019!