Write to Influence!
Master Class

Secrets to my writing success…
all of them!

Cover of 2nd edition of multiple award-winning book Write to Influence!
If you are reading this, you recognize:
  • The need to grab and retain your reader’s attention
  • The reader’s time and attention are fleeting
  • Space is limited … Words matter
But, you might wonder:
  • How do I write a resume that prompts, “You’re hired!”?
  • How do I win a grant or contract bid?
  • How do I defend budgets facing looming cuts?

In the Write to Influence! Master Class, I share
all my secrets for powerful writing. I’m here to assist!

  • Need to craft a stellar resume? I’ll give you key tips.

  • Need to provide info for a performance review? I’ll tell you what’s significant.

  • Need to win a contract or a grant? I’ll explain key strategies.

  • Need a robust web site to spark business? I’ll show you how.

  • Need to ace the college application essay? I’ll share a secret.

  • Need to give a stellar presentation? I’ll describe how.

  • Need to justify funding? I’ll explain what’s needed.

It’s all here…
order my Write to Influence! Master Class

The Write to Influence! Master Class is my premium 1-to-1 personal coaching experience. I will tell you ALL my writing secrets and help apply them to your situation.

How does it work? You get two consecutive days of instruction with me in Marshall, Virginia or I will travel to your location (expenses are additional). Included in this instruction is a series of 4 exercises developed to reinforce the strategies and techniques you’ll learn.

If you prefer, a remote option is available. I will train you via 5 two-hour video sessions over a 45-day period using a web-based platform.

If an assistant or a team helps with your project, they are welcome to attend the training sessions, as well.

I can’t guarantee that promotion, grant, or compounded operational budget, of course.

I will teach you strategies and techniques that dramatically increases the likelihood of success!

The Write to Influence! Master Class is
for individuals and organizations!

HOWEVER, I only accept clients serious about investing in their growth and ready to learn new techniques.

The Write to Influence! Master Class costs several thousand dollars, so it’s reserved for those who think BIG and intend to produce results.

We will identify and demolish bad writing habits, replacing them with techniques as focused and transparent as they are refreshing and effective.

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Open doors to opportunity
with the Write to Influence! Master Class