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Business writing skills are the lifeblood of effective organizations. Learn to write powerfully in Carla's highly acclaimed workshops.
Time is money — unfocused writing wastes it. The solution — “Write to Influence!” virtual presentations and workshops tailored for:
  • Private business
  • Corporations
  • Government
  • NGOs
  • Students (high school through graduate school)
Powerful writing tips the balance between success and failure. Tip the balance in your favor! Learn to:
  • Produce a standout resumeto land that dream job
  • Submit input for a performance reviewto score a promotion
  • Nail college applications essays to open academic doors 
  • Create proposalsto win a grant or contract bid
  • Compose emaildesigned to elicit a response
  • Justify budgetsto defend against looming cuts
  • Secure resourcesto launch new projects
“A little meat, lots of fluff, and I’m done with the assignment” … a strategy students freely admit. Whoops! Precisely the wrong approach! Learn to write “skinny” … not “fat.” Why?


Employers eagerly seek talented communicators. Develop this skill now with Carla’s virtual presentations and workshops; it will open doors for a lifetime!

Write to Influence!
Your Performance Review

Writing about yourself is a chore that many abhor. It seems like bragging. You must recall, “What did I do last year?” You have limited space to make your case.

Learn to identify your most significant achievements and them present in hard-hitting, no nonsense terms! Own your success!

Write to Influence!
Secure Those Grants

Learn precisely what the grantmaker seeks and how to provide it. Play “The Great Match Game” to convince the reviewer to select your submission. How? Present a case that is well organized, powerful, and compelling. Master this skill to open the door when opportunity knocks!

Write to Influence!
Ace that Resume

You may be the best-qualified candidate but if the competition is better at telling a story, you lose. Learn to make each word and every second of the reader’s time play to your advantage in this all-important document.

Powerful Writing for Professionals

Private business, NGOs, corporations working with the government, and the government can all benefit from this cut-to-the-chase, write clearly workshop to develop critical business writing skills.

Put your Writing on a Diet: Word Sculpting Fundamentals

Grabbing and retaining the reader’s attention begins with the first sentence. Learn ten tools to eliminate wasted words, redundancies, gibberish, and more! Workshop can be tailored for audiences as young as junior high school. Also for fiction writers!

Demystify Commas and Other Grammar Nits

One of her most highly complimented features, Carla intersperses “wee bits of grammar” throughout the workshop in fun, easily digested doses. Complex made easy. Can be added to any workshop.

Write to Influence! Nail the College Application Essay

The college application essay is an invitation to shine! Learn what works and what doesn’t; the critical first step; and tools for writing powerful, no-nonsense text to impress the admissions team!

(For Students) Land that Job: Resumes and Interviews

Everyone begins somewhere! Demystify this process. Learn to write a gripping resume. Become familiar with interview questions. Learn to strategize and deliver spot-on responses!

(For Fiction Authors) Write to Influence! Spin that Captivating Tale!

Keep the reader hanging on each word from that all-important opening hook to the story’s conclusion. Carla shares her tricks to produce sparking text that prompts, “Sequel, please!”

I’ve helped scores of people achieve their goals through writing webinars and workshops and I’d love to help you, as well!

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Why purchase a virtual presentation or workshop?
Happy clients speak for themselves!

FTI Consulting partnered with Carla for good reason. Here’s what our employees say:

  • Phenomenal 2-day class! Wish I had this sooner!
  • Informative, educational, awesome. Pace and teaching methods were perfect!
  • Her workshop and book are invaluable—Spot on!
  • Carla’s an exceptional writer and a great presenter!

     —Beth Krause, Director, Learning Solutions, FTI Consulting

We purchased 20 copies of “Write to Influence!” and hired Carla to teach a one-hour workshop. It was educational and engaging; her writing exercises — applicable and challenging. The future belongs to communicators … Carla Bass’ workshop and her book make a difference!
Jim Bellas, CEO, Diplomatic Language Services

My wife, son, and I attended Carla’s workshop on college essay writing at our local public library and were hooked.  We bought this book and have been devouring it.  I recommended it to our son’s English teacher as an invaluable teaching aid.  Fantastic job, Carla!
S. Néné

Thank you for an impressive presentation! From interest demonstrated throughout, the teens truly benefited from your writing techniques and strategies. Your dedication to empowering others through their own writing certainly shone through.
Jane Drabkin, Public Librarian