Student Writing Skills

A little meat, lots of fluff, and I’m done with the assignment” … a strategy students freely admit. Whoops! Precisely the wrong approach. “Write to Influence!” offers unique tools to improve student writing skills, posturing them to succeed in the competitive business environment.

The problem — Employers seek people who can write clearly, with focus and precision. Time is money – unfocused writing wastes it. The solution — “Write to Influence!” …. the book and workshops.

Learn to write powerfully now; this will open doors to opportunity for a lifetime. Carla’s workshops – fun, interactive, and effective – tackle this head on.

Learn to:

  • Structure a compelling message
  • Put your writing on a diet to make each word count
  • Nail that essay for college applications
  • Compose your first, hard-hitting resume

Student writing skills are critical! Develop them now and outshine the competition: Book a workshop, webinar, or customized coaching program!

“The workshop opened my eyes about how to write. It was extremely helpful and illustrative, so I payed attention. No recommended improvements, it was perfect.”

“Enjoyable and informative! Having us participate allowed us to understand the techniques more easily.”

“I can’t believe how much I learned in only one hour!”

Improve student writing skills, especially for college applications, and posture for professional success with Carla's highly acclaimed workshops.
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College Application Essays:
Nail It!

The college essay is an invitation to shine! Learn what works and what doesn’t; the critical first step; and tools for writing powerful, no-nonsense text to impress the admissions team!

Write to Influence!
Ace that Resume

You may be the best-qualified candidate but if the competition is better at telling a story, you lose. Learn to make each word and every second of the reader’s time play to your advantage in this all-important document.

Land That Job:
Standout Resumes and Spot-on Interviews

Everyone begins somewhere! Demystify the process and learn to write a powerful, attention-grabbing resume. Next, become familiar with standard interview questions. Learn to prepare and deliver spot-on responses!

Put your Writing on a Diet:
Word Sculpting Fundamentals

Grabbing and retaining the reader’s attention begins with the first sentence. Workshop can be tailored for audiences as young as junior high school. Also for fiction writers!

Demystify Commas and Other Grammer Nits

One of her most highly complimented features, Carla intersperses “wee bits of grammar” throughout the workshop in fun, easily digested doses. Complex made easy. Can be added to any workshop.

Improve student writing skills now: Contact Carla to schedule a workshop!