Pause, remember Christmas as a child: the intrigue of Santa’s magic, the sleigh, reindeer, elves, and the North Pole. Worried that Santa might not find your new home? No worry, reindeer dust (mixture of oats, powdered sugar, and glitter) tossed high into the air on Christmas Eve beckons them.

Remember the mystery of the jovial taunt from family and friends: “I know something you don’t know!”; the mystery in keeping similar secrets; hiding newly purchased gifts; later, wrapping them, ensuring no one peeked as you did so.

What were your holiday traditions? Did you open a gift on Christmas Eve? Did elves live on your shelves? Cookies, milk, and a note for Santa? I recall baking holiday cookies and imploring Mom to leave some batter in the bowl. Selecting the tree was a family event not to be rushed.

Christmas through the eyes of a child … what a wonderful perspective! I offer as a literary gift the lyrics of my favorite Barry Manilow song (that’s saying a lot because I love them all!:

Because It’s Christmas

Tonight belongs to all the children,
tonight their joy rings through the air,

and so we send our tender blessings

to all the children everywhere.
To see the smiles and hear the laughter
a time to give, a time to share
because it’s Christmas for now and forever
for all of the children and for the children in us all.

Whether you celebrate the Nativity, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or simply enjoy the closeness of family and friends, I wish you the happiest holiday season and conclude with this thought by songwriters Charles Tobias and Al Frisch: The wonderful world of Christmas is a joy from the moment it starts. The wonderful world of Christmas should remain every day in our hearts.