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Persuasive writing can open doors in every aspect of your life.

Persuasive writing gets readers to sit up, take notice, and deliver desired results! And, that triggers professional recognition!

Have you ever wondered:

  • Why didn’t I nail that job? I was perfectly qualified!

  • Why was I not promoted? I excelled in my projects!

  • Why did my budget justification fall flat? I needed those funds!

  • Why did I lose that contract bid? My company was ideally suited!

Catapult Your Career -- Write to Influence, an on-line course that helps with job, career, cpromotion, salary, and employment

Consider this … Perhaps you failed to craft a convincing message!

Lacking a clear, concise message, you will have a tough time selling anything to anybody


  • Employers discard your unimpressive resume … and hire someone else

  • Your performance report fails to resonate with decision makers … you are not promoted

  • Your brilliant research project …  languishes, unfunded, on the drawing board

  • Your contract bidfailed to highlight unique capabilities to accomplish the task

If you can’t make your case succinctly and quickly, you lose to someone who can.


  • Workers fail to achieve goals … so they don’t get promoted

  • Ineffective marketing … hurts a company’s profits

  • Worthy causes suffer … lacking deserved funding, support, and recognition

  • People tune us outdepriving us of opportunities 

Whether marketing a product, service, cause, or yourself … it’s all sales, folks.


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Employers confirm … talented communicators are rare and valued! Position yourself to succeed with this life skill!

I’ve taught thousands of people to seize opportunity by leveraging their own words. I do that for you, too, in this course!

I bring my multiple award-winning book “Write to Influence!” to life for you, personally demonstrating … step by step … how to craft that compelling message for each phase of the employment cycle.

Carla D. Bass teaching people that persuasive writing opens doors to opportunity.

“Catapult Your Career Write to Influence!

This course is interactive and funengaging and effective! In its 7 modules, I challenge you with scavenger hunts and we play brisk, verbal PING-PONG!

You can complete this in one, 3-hour session or in smaller segments at your convenience.  You’ll gain:

  • STRATEGIES to ace the resume and cover letter, the interview and post-interview thank you note, and input to your performance review

  • WORD SCULPTING TOOLS to purge your DRAFT of useless text, discarding the rubble to reveal your hard-hitting message

  • TIPS to compose EMAIL … that produce results to highlight in your commanding performance review and

  • ADVICE — practical and proven — to get promoted, based on my 45 years in leadership positions

When you enroll, you’ll ALSO get a valuable, 30-page resource you can download and print, full of activities, challenges, and the answers … to help you master powerful writing.

The real beauty … Learn this skill once and reap its rewards immediately and for the rest of your life!

Today, more than ever, standout writing means the difference between success and failure. Succeed by clicking the button  and enroll in my course.

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Praise from Satisfied Clients

“Your name has become shorthand for ‘Make your writing shorter and more potent. My staff still raves about your workshops. We recommend your book frequently!”
Jim BellasCEO and Chairman, Diplomatic Language Services

“Your topic and content are awesome! I will certainly recommend this to my friends and colleagues. I love the Word Sculpting Tools and how you present them. Thank you for the honor of commenting on your course!”
Jeanne Rademacher, CMPFinCap, CWDP, Community Partnerships Sr. Manager, United Way of Volusia-Flagler Counties (Beta tester for this course)

“I learned a lot from your course! The strategies are extremely useful and immediately applicable to my career! The length is optimal, and the structure is spot-on for busy individuals. Thank you for the wonderful way you share your expertise with care, thoughtfulness, and creativity. It was lovely being a part of this journey.”
Narcilina Kalita (Beta tester for this course)

Don’t allow another moment … or opportunity … to pass you by!

Liberate the power of your own words

Sharpen your competitive edge

Seize those fleeting opportunities

You’ve probably spent significant funds developing expertise in your chosen field.

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Persuasive writing changes EVERYTHING!

Carla D. Bass teaches a workshop on

Colonel Carla D. Bass, USAF (Ret) teaches persuasive writing to government and business leaders from Loudoun County, Virginia.

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