Her Journey Began … with Writing Tips!

Carla D. Bass is a retired Air Force colonel (30 years active duty) and author of the multiple award-winning book “Write to Influence!”

Throughout her career, she composed products for Congress, the White House, generals, and ambassadors; hundreds of performance reviews; and scores of nominations for awards and other competitive packages. As a young officer, she composed and presented daily briefings to the Director of the National Security Agency.

The pivotal moment … Carla transformed her 480-person unit from the most losing in state-wide Air Force award competitions into the one to beat. How? She developed her writing methodology, composed a handbook chock-full with writing tips, and taught her troops to write. So successful was her program, she taught thousands of Air Force members for the next 15 years.

Carla now teaches customized “Write to Influence!” via workshops and webinars to clients that include government agencies, corporations, private businesses, NGOs, academia, and public libraries. She also offers individual coaching programs, tailored to a client’s needs. Her writing tips are central to justifying budgets and crafting compelling resumes, input for personnel reviews, grant submissions, essays for college applications, and more.

“The trick,” she explains, “is to make each word and every second of the reader’s time play to your advantage.”

Client Reviews

“Write to Influence! training led to increased professional advancement opportunities for countless numbers of service members.

– Lt Gen Dana T. Atkins, USAF (Ret), President and CEO, Military Officers of America Association (MOAA)

From insightful resume writing tips to advice for nailing college application essays, Carla brings you 40 years' experience in powerful writing in her book and workshops.
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