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Enjoy Carla’s articles in national-level media (print and on-line) and guest blogs. From business-related strategies to college applications essays … she has something for everyone!

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Tip the Scale in Your Favor — Write to Influence!  — Business2Community.com, December 2019

9 Tips- Compose a Delightful Newsletter  — November 2019

The Thank You Note: A Recruiting Tool!?!  — HR.com, November 2019

How Thank You Notes May Help You Land Your First Job in Tech  — Dice, November 2019

Powerful Writing Works Magic! — From Pumpkin to Crystal Carriage  — InD’Tale Magazine, September 2019

Strategize Your Way to Success — Military Officers of America Association Magazine, May 2019

The Outline – A Writer’s Road Map  — Women Owned Business Club Magazine, February 2019

Write to Influence! (Part 2) — Women’s National Book Association Blog, February 2019

Write to Influence! (Part 1) – 10 Strategies for Power Writing —Women’s National Book Association Blog

Unconventional Career Advice – Throw a Party! — Women Owned Business Club Magazine, December 2018

Write to Influence! – He Writes the Songs and I Wrote a Book! — Women Owned Business Club Magazine, September 2018

Solid Framework: Critical for a Home and a PaperWomen Owned Business Club Magazine, August 2018

Know the Difference: Revision, Editing, & Proofreading”Guest post Ginger Blog, August 2018

Use Powerful Writing to Proclaim Good News: It Has Market Value!Women Owned Business Club Magazine, July 2018

Score A Bullseye: Know Your Audiencee — Women Owned Business Club Magazine, June 2018

Write as You Speak? Please Don’tWomen Owned Business Club Magazine, May 2018

Write to InfluenceGuest post in Ginger Blog, April 2018

Ace Your Annual Performance Review!Women Owned Business Club Magazine, April 2018

Write to Influence: The College Application (Part 2)Middleburg Eccentric, April 2018

Write to Influence: The College Application (Part 1)Middleburg Eccentric, March 2018 issue

Fundamental Leadership Skill: The Ability to Write” — Women Owned Business Club Magazine, February 2018

Follow Your Dreams: Encourage Others To Do So  — Women Owned Business Club Magazine, January 2018

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